Kizito Jude Tadeo
Great work Reynold. I didn't know all this about you!
Ocora Raymond(non-registered)
I remember last year you came to Gulu.
How can i get some ideas on Video and Photographic Services
Tera Peter U'mwangafu(non-registered)
Great work waiting to meet you in Kampala Uganda come 30 July 2014.
Just want to meet and have a word with you.
Muwonge Alex Stevens(non-registered)
You have great pieces of art work through your photography portfolio, It took me over 3 hours looking at them and am greatly moved as an aspiring photographer. Would love to learn more from you.
Robert Nkambo(non-registered)
Reynold, all I can say is wow. You have great art in your mind and hands. I have looked at the photo gallery and honestly it is creative art. I am looking forward to learning from you. I strongly believe many more Ugandans would love to learn from you. God bless you Reynold.
Pat Robert Larub(non-registered)
Wuuuuuu after a thorough look at the site, I just love it and cant wait for you coming to Gulu and pass on the skills. Did you use the same camera for the video as well as the Pictures? What type is that small one you showed me?

I need to get on HD professiona memory card based camera for my field work advise
You are such a talent Reynold
God has Blessed you with a wonderful gift!
اس ام اس جدید(non-registered)
Reynold....You have some AMAZING shots!! Gorgeous photos!!! I didn't want the slideshow to end because I was enjoying them so much! You have an awesome eye for that perfect shot!
Kevin Ball(non-registered)
Hi Reynold,

Your photos are outstanding and heartfelt. I was deeply moved by the one of your Mom and Dad, sweet! Blessings on you as God continues to lead and guide you in this wonderful journey!
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